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April 14 2013


Advantages of a Mobile Internet site

Mobile-friendly websites have the following benefits over regular websites layout for viewing on traditional computers.

1. Faster

People viewing your Mobile Website for Restaurants on their cell expect it to become as fast as when they view on their computer. However mobile connections are often slower and the screen is a lot smaller. So sites specifically designed for mobile phones have less images plus more concise content in order that they load super quick even on a slow connection.

2. Easy to Navigate

Traditional websites are built for traditional computers plus a larger screen and employing a mouse which being a high precisions so you can click on little links accurately. New smartphones rely on users using their finger to go through the screen and get from spot to place.

A mobile friendly site was created with thumb-friendly navigation menus as well as automatically sizes towards the correct width of a mobile phone whihc is normally about a 3rd the width of a normal website, which means that users on the mobile don't have to scroll laterally as well as down and up. The text is also the correct dimension for reading so that they don't need to zoom in and out to get what they are seeking.

3. Customers can very easily call you

A mobile pleasant website usually features a click to contact button right up top around the main screen so customers just need to tap on it and it will allow the telephone to dial your own number. They are already on a mobile so getting this feature can be a huge benefit to your business for them to call and make a reservation directly on the phone while they are on an outing

4. Local Rocks!

With a cell friendly site you are able to optimise your mobile restaurant websites to easily show up first in local search engine results so customers on the run can find you easily. Google gives preference to some mobile friendly site on their local search results each time a customer is searching using their mobile. When searching online from a mobile gadget the custome ris usually searching for something locally to fix an issue now.

Eg. Where are we going to have dinner this evening? Check online for any place nearby from your mobile and obtain directions there.

A mobile site enables you to build maps and also GPS directions directly into the website so customers will find you easily.

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